Thursday, February 17, 2011

I can walk, but...

After work last night, I went to a local taproom with some friends. The taproom was pouring 27 different Dieu du Ciele beers - a great brewery from the Montreal area. I sampled a few and had a wonderful (but expensive) entree of rabbit leg confit, rabbit sausage (locally grown rabbits), cabbage and a warm apple sauce. The dish was small and $27, almost making me feel like I was in a big city restaurant. The beers that I tried (four of the 27) were fantastic.

So, this morning, I expected walking to be tough after lots of heavy leg work in the gym the previous two days. I wasn't disappointed. I think I'm going to take today as a rest day and then do an upper body day tomorrow before I start a long stint involving a lot of skiing. Starting Saturday, I will be skiing 9 of the next 13 days and 11 of 16. I'll be teaching 7 days, then I'll be a student for 2 days, and then teaching for 2 more.

After that stretch, my ski season will likely begin winding down. I've signed up for the 100 on 100 relay again this year, and as soon as ski season is over, I plan to get back to some real running, especially on the weekends. No treadmills for me though. I've spent too many VT winters as a slave to the treadmill and I don't miss it. I do occasional short sprint workouts on the treadmill, but that's about it.

Next week, I'm also taking my son to Pittsburgh to see an NHL game. Years ago, we shared two season tickets to the San Jose Sharks, but we haven't seen them in person since 1996, when my son was 3. A friend gave us two tickets to a game in Pittsburgh, and we're flying there, going out to a nice steakhouse, going to the game, staying overnight, and then flying home. With my son being a senior in high school, I'm looking forward to this trip with him, something I might not be able to do for a while after he heads to college.

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