Monday, February 14, 2011

Great ski weekend

I didn't work out a whole lot last week. Work was really busy and then I was a bit sick mid-week. As it turned out, this worked pretty well, as I entered the weekend well-rested. With great conditions on the mountain, I needed to be rested to keep up with my students.

With the great snow conditions, we had a high turnout this past weekend. I had seven students both days of the weekend. It snowed during the day on Saturday and a little bit on Sunday. I spent the mornings teaching and we spent the afternoons free-skiing in advanced terrain. By 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, the girls were clearly tired. We took a break for some hot chocolate and then finished the day on some easy terrain.

Working at the mountain has been somewhat stressful recently. I've heard from my boss that some parents don't think I'm pushing the children hard enough, some think I'm pushing too hard, and some think that I'm not being strict enough. The latter comment is simply not my style. Some instructors are like drill sergeants , but I'm just not that kind of person. I like the day to be fun for everyone, within some boundaries, of course. And, the first two issues just seem to balance out, although I wish I could make everyone perfectly happy.

But, luckily, once I'm out on the hill with the students, the other issues just fade away, and we are free to ski and have fun for the day. And, that is why I work this part-time job anyway.

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