Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowstorm - Finally!

I'm not sure what the final snowfall total from the storm was. I'm guessing we got about a foot of snow. We had to use the snow blower three times to keep the driveway clear and it still needs a little bit of work. Sugarbush is reporting close to two feet of new snow in the past couple days. I heard from a friend that the skiing yesterday was wonderful, and I can't wait to go skiing this coming weekend.

Because the storm disrupted so many things around here yesterday, I never did do a workout. The local gym was closed and CrossFit classes were cancelled. There was no way I was going to drive 60+ miles to go to a CrossFit class on a day where I didn't go to the office anyway.

So, I worked late, my wife cooked dinner, and I called it a night very early. Things seem to be mostly back to normal around here today, although the roads are still pretty slick.

It looks like another snowstorm is headed our way on Saturday night and then another on Monday. And, I'm swamped at work. How is anybody supposed to concentrate on work now that we have the best skiing conditions in a few years?

Tonight, I'll lift at the local gym - probably heavy squat, bench and deadlift sets.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the office, so I will hopefully get to CrossFit tomorrow.

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