Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good workout last night

I worked from home yesterday (today as well due to the weather forecast), so I went to the local college gym for my workout.

I started out with heavy front squats in short sets, trying to break my PR of 215#. I warmed up with the bar, then 135#, and then 185#. I did a single lift at 205# and it was work. Rather than trying to tie my PR, I went straight to 225# and nailed one really solid rep. My 225# rep was deeper than the 215# a few weeks ago. After that, I did three sets of 2 reps at 185#.

From there, I did 5x10 push-ups, 5x5 band-assisted pull-ups, 3x10 band-assisted dips, and two sets of walking lunges with 25# dumbbells in each hand.

Tonight, I'll probably do some deadlifts as the main strength part of my workout, but I still need to figure out what else to do. I'm thinking some box jumps and burpees will be in there tonight for torture.

Last night's snowstorm was sort of a bust - lower than the low end forecast. We don't have any big storms in the pipeline right now, but there are a few smaller storms lining up. As long as we don't get a heat wave and get some occasional fresh snow, skiing will stay solid for quite a while.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the squats!