Monday, January 17, 2011


After a dismal start to our ski season (the mountain was mostly brown on 1/2), it seems that Sugarbush has been in the zone for most every recent storm system. In the past ten days, depending on elevation, the mountain has received 2'-4' of snow. And, we have two storms due in by the end of the week, so totals could get better.

Saturday morning started fairly cold, but the snow was nice and I skied a few runs with friends before we headed to work. My group of students seemed very motivated on Saturday and we skied a lot of vertical feet - the most this year. Despite large numbers of skiers at the mountain, with every trail open, the crowds spread out very well and lift lines weren't an issue for most of the lifts.

The day ended too quickly on Saturday and I headed home to go to a party my wife had promised I'd attend. Luckily, the party ended early and I was able to get some sleep. However, I still felt exhausted on Sunday morning. We had about 6" of new snow, and I would have preferred to just ski, but I was scheduled to lead a clinic for other instructors, and I was wishing that I wasn't. But, I got myself going and thought I gave a pretty solid clinic.

After the clinic, I started skiing with my students. I felt exhausted. We skied one steep bump run under a chair and I felt like I had no life in my legs. Being under the chair in an instructor's uniform, you want to show the public that you know how to ski. I felt like hiding, to tell the truth. But, I made it through that run and a few other challenging runs later in the day. Around 1:30, my group decided they wanted to go into a little "playground" of sorts that we have in the forest off of an easy trail. I let them play there for an hour or so and then we went for hot chocolate to end the day. After the parents picked up their children, I headed to our locker room to change. It turned out that just about everyone was exhausted also. Maybe it was the intensity of the holiday weekends and the crowds. It might have been the new snow - the conditions were different than any other weekend this year. But, there were a lot of tired people.

Today, my legs still feel a bit tired. And, I have a CrossFit fitness evaluation in about 3 hours.

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