Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paleo Challenge - Day One

I ate the way the challenge specified yesterday.

My dinner was very simple - grilled beef sirloin tips, asparagus roasted with olive oil, and a salad with an olive oil based dressing. It was simple to cook, tasty, and filling.

Our CrossFit workout last night was our baseline fitness measurements.

On the front squat, I hit a new PR of 215 pounds. I had never tried to max out on this lift before and I was surprised when I got over 200 pounds. The best person in thy gym got 315 pounds and no one else got over 250 or so.

Secondly, we did pull-ups. The rule was that you needed to do six pull-ups or more, and you could use assistance bands to do that. I picked a stronger band than I probably needed and did 12 reps. The best performance was 39 of CrossFit's kipping pull-ups.

Our last segment was timed:
20 burpees
30 power cleans (I used 95#)
40 wall balls (medicine ball, squats, and a sort of push press to toss the ball as you leave the squat)
500 meter row.

My total time was 11:03, and I think it was the slowest of anyone doing the challenge.

I don't even want to discuss my weight, for now at least. And, I don't want to see the shirtless pics taken by our coach. Hopefully, in 44 days, I'll be able to look at the scale and the photos and laugh a bit.

One-fourth of the challenge is based on points for compliance. I was 14/15 yesterday. I lost one point for failing to do 30 minutes of stretching, foam rolling and mobility work. There just wasn't time for everything.

I was going to work at home today, due to a winter storm warning, but instead, I decided to come to my office and stay nearby tonight. This means that I'll make it to CrossFit today and tomorrow, two days I'd likely miss if I worked from home today. The only way to improve is to be there.

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