Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good timing

After skiing relatively hard for three of the four previous days, I was a bit nervous as I got to the CrossFit gym last night. I was hoping we wouldn't have a really intensive leg day in the gym, and I got what I wanted.

We started with mobility work for about 15 minutes. The toughest part was 3 minutes in the "poop" position. I was afraid I'd end up stuck there, but I survived. Next was sets of box jumps - 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2. The goal was to do each set without a break and incrementally increase the height as the sets got shorter. I usually do box jumps with an 18" box, but they have been getting a bit easier at that height. But, 10 straight at that height, with no rest, is challenging, so I started at 12". Pretty weak, I know.

I then moved up to my standard 18" and eventually got to 22" for the last set. I hope to soon be doing the more standard 24" jumps for some of the Workouts of the Day.

Then, it was all arms: 8 minutes, as many reps as possible:

3 assisted ring dips
6 strict DB press (2x25# for me)
9 knee push-ups

This was the level 2 workout. The Rx'd workout included handstand push-ups and unassisted ring dips. I'm just not there yet.

I'm sure tonight will be a killer leg workout after arms yesterday.

I ate according to the paleo challenge rules yesterday, after a few days of less than stellar compliance while skiing. I'm hoping to make it to CrossFit after work today and then again tomorrow morning before work. Working out tomorrow morning will give me 24 hours of recovery before skiing on Saturday.

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