Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long time, no blog

I think I last posted a couple days before Christmas. Life has been busy since then and I've spent very little time around a computer. The last workout I posted about kicked my *ss, and I was sore for days. Live and learn.

Then, my sister arrived for Christmas, and the fun began - nice wines, nice food, visits with family, etc. For a few days, it seems, I did little but eat and drink.

Then, my older dog got sick (pancreatitis) and that was the big thing for a few days. Finally last Tuesday, I headed to Sugarbush to teach skiing for six consecutive days.

The first day, it was so windy that almost every lesson cancelled. Oh well, this happens. After that, I had three really busy days teaching private (1 on 1) lessons. I taught students anywhere from age 4 to age 49 and really enjoyed this work. On Saturday, I returned to my normal weekend teaching, working with the girls I teach every weekend. We had great spring skiing conditions, but the warm temps devastated the mountain, causing many trails to close. Hopefully, by this coming weekend, with some snow-making and natural snow, more trails will open.

One of the highlights of skiing was getting a new pair of skis right after Christmas - the Rossignol S86 in 178cm length. I am absolutely thrilled with these skis so far. They are fun, easy carvers, yet fun on everything I've skied them on so far. In spring-condition moguls, they were outrageously fun. I bought new skis this time a bit sooner than I sometimes do, because my previous skis, while functional, simply weren't a lot of fun. That problem has now gone away.

By Sunday, I knew that I was coming down with some sort of illness as I headed to the mountain. That day was also my birthday. I taught skiing all day, and then got together with some friends for a few drinks and a nice dinner. My family gave me a wonderful framed photo of my late dog Rocket, and I was very touched by that gift.

On Monday, I knew I was really sick. Today is the third day I've been pretty much flat on my back, trying to work with my laptop. I finally feel better today and my fever seems to have broken. I'm guessing that I managed to catch the flu. This is the first year in over a decade that I haven't had a flu shot, so perhaps there's a good lesson in there.

As much as I want to get back to CrossFit, I think I need to take it easy the rest of this week, teach skiing on the weekend, and then get back to a normal schedule next week.

Being as old as I am now, I don't want to rush things.

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