Friday, January 21, 2011

Another good day

For the first time since I started CrossFit, I've gone to the gym four days in a row. I expected to feel exhausted today, and I am tired, but also somewhat exhilarated.

Yesterday's workout was a CrossFit classic: Fran.

I didn't do it exactly as prescribed, but did 45 pounds for the thrusters rather than 95, and I used bands for assisted pull-ups. It was 6:21 of hell. We'd already done a good mobility warm-up, some form-work on overhead squats, and some core/strength work. I pushed hard and my stomach rebelled at the end of the workout. While I was outside trying to get my stomach to calm down, people were putting away the gear. I came inside just in time to hear someone say that someone had left a "residue"on some pull-up bands. It was me, regretfully. My stomach had rebelled on the very last rep and I'd lost it a bit.

The coach was talking to me later about why I end up getting sick in some of the workouts. I explained to him that I've always been a competitive person and I don't do workouts half-assed. So, right now, when I'm in over my head, fitness-wise, on some of these workouts, I don't do the prudent thing and back down. The coach then started talking about running and mentioned that the competitiveness is probably leftover from my running/racing days. He mentioned ultras, and all of a sudden, all the people in the gym wanted to know about my racing past. They were amazed at some of the stuff I've done running (I'm amazed by what they do in the gym, so we're even, I think). Maybe they won't just see me as the fat old guy in the gym anymore. I'm catching up to some of them.

Today is a rest day, although I'll do some stretching at home tonight before skiing three of the next four days. It's going to be bitterly cold for the next few days, so the skiing, at least the teaching part of it, will be a challenge.

Eating was good yesterday - chicken and a salad for lunch, and grass-fed burgers for dinner, served on lettuce rather than bread, with veggies and some avocado.

For tonight, I'm making a Mexican style beef soup that is cooking in the oven while I work today.

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