Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CrossFit and More Snow

I finally made it back to CrossFit last night. After teaching skiing for one whole week and then being sick for another week, it had been a while. And, it was a really frustrating workout. To be honest, it left me really dispirited, wondering if I'm even fit enough to be a straggler at the gym.

After some mobility work, we spent 15 minutes doing work on the rings, practicing towards doing muscle-ups. I can't even hold my own body weight on the rings and I just felt defeated. Then, in the main workout, I used the lightest weight of anyone in the gym (deliberately after a multi-week break) and while I finished first, fewer than five minutes of work left me on the verge of throwing up.

Today, I'm sore from 4 minutes and 48 seconds of work with light weights. Pathetic. The comment that I left in my log at the gym questioned whether I even belong there. Just not my day, I guess. But, it remains frustrating to be the least flexible and probably least fit person there. It's like I'm never going to catch up.

The bad thing is that the frustration is taking the fun out of the workouts for me. It's even leading to me trying to find excuses to not go to the gym after work. I have to stop thinking about these things and just go to the workouts and do my work.

Today, I'm working from home because of a big snowstorm. My kids have a snow day as well. Once again, my piece of crap snow blower isn't working. It's about 9 or 10 years old, and I think it's time to give up. I bought a new John Deere tractor this past summer and I'm thinking I'll buy the snowblower attachment for the tractor. I don't want to spend the money, but right now, I have no idea how the driveway will get cleared. It's simply too big to even consider shoveling.

I wish I was skiing, even though I'm not feeling very competent at that sport recently.

Hopefully this post won't lead to others feeling as depressed and frustrated as I feel right now.


Dr Andy said...

Hang in there Damon.

I didn't feel like working out today, but managed to get in a decent work out after work today rowing.

It always takes a while to get back into shape after being sick. You not only didn't work out for a week but the illness weakened your body as well. Keep being consistent and your fitness will come

My brother has joined the CrossFit cult as wel

Dr. X

Laurel said...

Damon, First you have to stop comparing yourself to others. Take this from someone who raced and competed against other people for the past 30 years or so. It's just not a practical or rewarding thing to do! Second, realize that you are more fit and more active than most Americans. Keep doing what you can and be proud and happy with everything you accomplish.

Anonymous said...

You feel bad? That is because you have good self awareness: you suck.


Just kidding; I understand the frustration. My lifetime PB in the bench press is 310; today I was doing sets of 10 on the incline with 115.
Once I could run 3 miles well under 19 minutes; today it took 27:20.
Do what you can, when you can...and like it. ;-)

Damon said...

Thanks for the comments. Laurel, you are very right; I need to worry about myself and not others. It's something I think I've done for years as the "fat" guy at running races. I need to do what I'm doing for myself and not worry about the rest of the crap.

And yeah, I was sick, so I was probably expecting too much from a single workout.