Monday, May 18, 2009

The word from the medical professionals

Yeah, two posts in one day. I'm waiting for a really slow database query to finish right now, so I decided to mention something else. The hospital where I work (until this coming Friday) has an excellent sports medicine clinic. I have mentioned that before and they continue to impress me every time I see them.

As I've dealt with frustration with this injury, everyone has been very positive that not only will they get me healthy, but also that I'll have a great run at WS. On Friday, the sports med doc told me that I had years of accumulated base training behind me. He told me that I'll probably have a great race because, for once, I won't be overtrained or beat up from excessive training. He said the long-term base will carry me through once I get myself healthy.

The chiropractor told me that he thought it would be two more weeks before I was 100%. I told him that left me with only one week or so to train hard before I have to start tapering. But, he reminded me that my training volume is low now, so I'm not overly beat up at the moment. Because of that, he suggested that I can train hard until 10 days or so from the race, and there's some merit to that.

So, the various people here are putting me back together physically, but they're also working on my brain, convincing me that I still have what I need to pull this off. Next, I have to make myself believe that to be true.


Trail Pixie said...

Hi Damon, met you at the Peros and company Blue Hills training run in April. On Mum's Day I saw Steve Peckiconis and his sister Jeanne, whom I met at a SS run! Anyway youe ears might;ve been burning b/c she meniotned you are a great cook! Your family is fortunate!!! yum! Great luck at WS. Keep it positive!
Emily Trespas

Melanie said...

Hi Emily, That was me who spoke of Damon's cooking. I'm still wishing for another of his great dinners.

Tania said...

Hi Damon -
So sorry you have been dealing with a hamstring issue. I have dealt with injury so much that you would think I would be used to it, but still every time it happends I get so bummed. Sounds like you have great resources though at Gifford. That is awesome. Hey, I noticed that you have your own e-stim? I was thinking of getting one. My body seemed to respond very well to that at PT. I bet my injury could have been limited to 6 weeks had I not been such a baby and went to PT. Oh and learn.

Damon said...


I have a loaner e-stim unit right now. It's made by EMPI, who used to use the brand name Compex. I know that Hammer sells units made by Globus. They used to carry the EMPI models, but they switched when the Globus units when the EMPI/Compex changeover happened.

The one thing I notice with the unit I have is that it doesn't create nearly the deep heat in the muscles that the big e-stim used by my chiropractor creates. When I get hooked up to that big unit, it's a very different experience.

I have thought off and on about buying one for at home, but so far, I'm not convinced that it's worth the money. Right now, it would be nice to have a professional grade e-stim unit and my own ultrasound machine though.

Damon said...

Melanie and Emily,

It's true that I like to cook a lot and I feel pretty comfortable in the kitchen. The downside is that I love to eat and I love to drink good wine and beer, and that's why I'm always one of the biggest guys at ultras.

The meal that I cooked for Melanie cost her a lot of money though. She stayed with us because her car broke down at the VT100. So, she might have eaten well, but she paid a lot to the car repair shop in exchange for that dinner.

So, Emily, when will we see you in an ultra. You know that it's inevitable, right?

Dr Andy said...


I hadn't thought of this in a while, but before my first 100 at Umstead, I took off 3 weeks almost entirely from training between 6 and 3 weeks prior. I then did 10 hard days of training and a 10 day taper. Worked out okay

Dr. X