Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thirty Days

Thirty days until we toe the line at Squaw Valley.

I keep thinking about my history with this race. Pacer in 2001. Torn ACL in 2002. Broken rib and minor surgery in 2005, plus a bad training mistake three weeks before the race. Pacer in 2006. Last year, I was lean (for me) and fit and really ready to go. Then forest fires cancelled the race.

This year, I've been fighting an injury and my weight is higher than last year. It seems like nothing has gone right compared to last year. Finishing this year, with the way things have gone, is going to be especially sweet.

There's no way I'll be as fast as I might have been last year. I'm probably looking at fighting cut-offs the whole way and finishing in the last hour. But, I'm determined to get to the track this time.

It's been very dry in Northern California recently. The fire risk is fairly high. I certainly hope that we don't have to deal with fires again. My plane tickets are set, my lodging is pre-paid, and it's time to start and finish this thing.

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David Ray said...

That sounds more like it. Way to keep your head in the game.