Friday, May 22, 2009

Bit by bit

I ran 26:40 for 5K last night. I could still feel the hamstring limiting my stride somewhat, and I didn't fight it. Rule number one was "don't hurt myself".

A week ago, I was running with a noticeable limp.

Two weeks ago, I couldn't run at all.

Three weeks ago, I could barely walk.

So, I'll take an 8:35 pace 5K for right now.

My first mile was 8:35. I had to stop to tie my right shoe in that mile, so I lost some time there. The second mile was 8:40. And then, I guess I picked it up a little bit for the last mile.

I saw the chiropractor this morning and he thought that trying the 50 miler on Sunday makes sense, as long as I plan to walk most of it and I know when to quit if I need to do that. We talked about how I'm getting better day by day, and how I have to balance that with training. He said I'm doing everything right so far, and he doesn't want me to screw things up. No setbacks. If I re-injure the hamstring at this point in time, WS becomes a very remote possibility.


Harriet said...

Funny how this works but at this point right now, you and I could actually run together. :-)

Damon said...

Give my hamstring a couple more weeks and that might not be the case any more. Or maybe not.

I ran sub-21 last September and this was one of my slowest 5Ks ever. But, I'm happy that I was able to do that.