Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bike Ride and Continuing Treatments

Last night, I was planning to go for an easy bike ride with my daughter. But, she ditched me to go riding with the neighbor girls instead. So, I decided I could get in a real workout on my bike instead. At first, I was going to ride my mountain bike, thinking that I could put the seat in a lower position to stop from stressing the hamstring too much. But, I decided I'd try the road bike first. I was very surprised that everything felt OK on that bike. So, I rode for almost 90 minutes. The only problem I had was that I forgot my sunglasses. I took a few bugs in the eyes, but nothing too bad.

After the ride, the hamstring felt really good - the best it's felt since the injury. Overnight, it tightened up again somewhat, but the ride was encouraging.

I saw the chiropractor this morning and he said that just spinning on the road bike is going to help a lot with blood flow to the injured muscle. He wants me riding as much as I can for right now. This morning, he hooked me up to e-stim and really cooked the top of the hamstring, and then did two adjustments. I could really feel (and hear) each adjustment as he got things to move the way he wanted. Then, he started talking chiropractor speak, something about "two vector something or other in the boot, blah, blah, blah..." I wish I understood more of what he was saying. Even though I work in healthcare, I sometimes think that providers sometimes make up things on the fly just so their patients can't question what they are talking about.

Later today, I see the physical therapist, and the chiropractor told me to tell them that they should focus on ultrasound on the injured part of the muscle. He's trying to fix the range of motion issues and wants them to work on the injury area itself.

So, I've really got a team of people helping me out, and I've been able to work out for 3 straight days. After Laurel's comment yesterday about her experience at WS in 2007, I'm even more optimistic. Although, considering how she ran at MMT last year, I know I'm not in the same league as her on tough courses.

The real question that I want answered is "How long until I can go for a run again?"


Dr Andy said...

This is really encouraging, I think. If you can get good biking in it should keep your fitness up.

I wouldn't count on finishing if you are off your feet for 2 months, though

Dr. X

Damon said...

I wouldn't count on it either. Laurel is a much better runner than I am. But, I can bike without pain. I saw the chiro and had PT today. I'm feeling much better right now.

They gave me an e-stim machine to use at home for a while, along with some stretches and some work to do with the foam roller and the stick. I'm optimistic that they'll have me running fairly soon. It might not be long, it might not be on trails, but at least I can pound some flat pavement soon, I hope.