Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good lifting night, swamped with work...

I got in a good gym workout last night, despite the ridiculous crowds that were there. We only have one squat rack in the gym and I wanted to use it, but some idiot was doing all kinds of lifts in the squat rack that don't require the rack. Basically, it's very bad gym etiquette. From looking at him (young and ripped), he's no stranger to the gym, so I don't know why his manners were so bad.

But, despite that, I got through my workout and then spent the rest of the night working at my second job. We have a big report due to our biggest customer shortly, so we've been in crunch mode for that. We just finished one "crunch" with a grant application only to get hit by another immediately.

And today, at my "real" job, I've been swamped with work as well. But, as I've said before, being over-employed is better than being under-employed these days. Besides, I still have to come up with some extra money to cover some of the costs of that bike fitting on Sunday. I never imagined the fitting would double the cost of the bike.

Tonight, I'll run an easy 10-12 miles after work, most likely in snow flurries.

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David Ray said...

It snowed here today. Just a bit. I didn't like it.