Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm still in pain from Tuesday. It's a bit better today than yesterday, but I still hurt.

The ski mountain has decided that employees can ski this weekend, after 11:00 tomorrow morning. With limited terrain, the priority is paying guests rather than employees, but they've made a lot of snow this week, so there's space for everyone. The first few hours have been reserved for paying guests, and then the mountain will open for everyone by midday.

I think I'm going to wait until Sunday to ski though, just so I don't hurt so much. I still have to get my skis tuned up anyway, which I'll get done tomorrow. Next weekend, I'll be working at the mountain, training other instructors. I need to get on the snow and work on my own skiing before I'm in charge of getting other people ready to teach. I will probably ski on Thursday and Friday as well.

On Monday, I'm starting something that I'm hoping will be key to my success at Western States next year. In the past, I've mentioned that I use a dietary program called Precision Nutrition as the outline for how I try to eat. Regretfully, I'm not very consistent in my usage of the program, and when I'm not following the 10 basic rules of the program, it doesn't do me much good. In the past couple months, my compliance hasn't been so great and my motivation hasn't been what it should be. Consequently, I've been slowly gaining some weight since the beginning of July.

Earlier this year, PN offered a 16-week coaching plan, where they mentored people on a daily basis and helped them to get better focused on using the plan. Basically, it was a group coaching plan for PN customers, and it cost some extra money. The people who went through the program have been raving about it on the PN forums, so I took the plunge for the next version. This time, they've expanded it to 24 weeks, which means it goes through mid-May.

Coincidentally (hah!), they are starting it the Monday before Thanksgiving - just as holiday eating starts to get out of control for some people.


Speed Racer said...

Cool! So like weight watchers with fewer whiny fat ladies?! I'll be really, really interested to see how it goes for you. Why do you think PN will be so key to your success? Is your eating really that bad, or is their program really that good?

Well anyway, I hope it doesn't ruin your Thanksgiving!

Damon said...

No whiny fat ladies at all - they have a separate group for men and for women. So, it's whiny fat men.

I've been using Precision Nutrition off and on for 18 months. When I follow the program, it does work very well for me. And my diet really is that bad at times. It's been especially bad lately after my race, because I've been drinking alcohol every day, which really hinders weight loss.

I think any reasonable program that I can follow will help me to lose weight. I'm using the fact that it's a group/team thing and the fact that I'm paying extra money as my rationale for its worth. We'll see. I still have to do what they tell me.