Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hanging out in Harrisburg

Our trip was pretty uneventful yesterday. I had purchased a couple books to read whenever my wife was driving. Instead of reading, I fell asleep for a couple hours yesterday afternoon while she drove the majority of highway miles in NY.

Right now, my son is still sleeping, my daughter is watching Sponge Bob, and I'm wasting time on the web. My daughter is also looking at an atlas and struggling with how to pronounce Susquehanna and Chesapeake.

It's soon time for a shower and then I can go register for the race. After that, we've got about a 90 minute drive to my brother's house, where we'll hang out and watch some football. After that, it's back here and try to get some sleep. Unlike a 100 miler, I'm not as freaked out about how much sleep I got last night or how much I'll get tonight. With an 8:30 start tomorrow, I can get up at my normal time and have time for coffee, breakfast and reading the paper before I run. I also don't have to worry about the phase of the moon, drop bags, nighttime temps, changing weather, etc.

The weather still sounds pretty good, although we'll have some breezes of 10-20 mph from the west. The course is primarily run in north/south directions, so the wind won't be in our faces very often.

Thanks for all the good wishes for the race. I have a late checkout tomorrow (I belong to some hotel travel "club" I didn't even know about and that gives me an automatic 2:00 checkout time), so I should be able to post my time before I head home.

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Speed Racer said...

I can feel the nervous energy from here. If it's not yours, it's mine. I like to imagine I can run like you, so I'll be running along with you in spirit tomorrow.

Thinking speedy thoughts.