Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to the treadmill

We got about 6" of dense, wet snow yesterday. Then, it started raining. Running outside just wasn't a reasonable thought at all after work yesterday. Instead, I ran on the treadmill - a warm-up mile, a 9:00 mile, an 8:00 mile, another 9:00 and then a cooldown mile. That was plenty of work considering that I'm fighting a cold.

So far, the cold doesn't seem to be too bad, so I'm going to try to lift this afternoon after work. Today includes wave loading sets of deadlifts, then a superset of Romanian deadlifts with static lunges, and then a superset of good mornings and incline reverse crunches. I've never done good mornings before, so I'll have to play around to get the weight right.

After that, perhaps I'll add some stair climber intervals.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to run an easy 8 outside, probably wearing Yaktrax for safety, before I finish cooking dinner for my wife's family. After that, three days of skiing!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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