Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treadmill - ugh!

I overslept yesterday morning and didn't get out of work in time to run outside. My run was only going to last a bit more than half an hour, but sunset was 4:37 and I was done working at 4:30. So, I opted for the treadmill instead.

I started at a 9:00 pace, dropped it to 8:30 after half a mile, then did a 7:47 mile, followed by a 7:25 mile, and a slow 1-mile cooldown.

Today, I got to work early, and I'll leave at 4:00 and run outside for 4 miles, with one of them at marathon pace. Then, I'll go stand in line to vote. I thought about voting before work this morning, but at 7:00, there were already long lines at our polling location. After work and running, I'll have no time constraints, so I can stand in line for as long as it takes.

Tonight, hopefully, we won't have a night like in 2000 or 2004, and I'll go to bed at a reasonable hour, knowing who our next President will be.

My son will probably be fighting for control of the TV, wanting to watch the John Stewart/Colbert Report version of the election returns. I'll certainly record them, even if I don't watch them live.

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