Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is this November?

It's been amazingly warm here in Vermont for the past few days. It seems more like springtime or maybe early October rather than early November.

I ran outside in shorts Tuesday after work and I'll do the same tonight. Today is 2 miles - hardly worth the effort, it seems. I'll do one mile at marathon pace.

The weather for the race on Sunday still looks nearly perfect - low of 40F, high in the low 50s, partly cloudy.

I'm taking the day off work tomorrow, just so I have a non-hectic day. I'm going to see my chiropractor in the morning and then I'll come home and run 2 miles with the dogs and spend some time stretching. After that, I'll drop the dogs off at the kennel, pack the car, and pick up the kids at school. Around lunchtime or so, we will start our 8-hour drive to our hotel.

Saturday, I'm going to hang out with my brother and watch the Penn State-Iowa football game. Then, an early bedtime and it will be raceday. Our hotel is less than 1.5 miles from the start and the race starts at the very reasonable hour of 8:30 a.m.

Ultrarunning legend Park Barner is entered in the marathon, wearing bib #1. He was known for his amazing recuperative powers when he was in his prime. He was able to race hard week after week without seeming to break down. Hopefully, I'll get to meet him on Sunday.

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David Ray said...

Looking forward to a good report on this one. The weather sounds more like Georgia. Best of luck!