Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work You Weakness - Burpee Mania

I've been waiting for this workout ever since the last one. Here is what I saw on the board yesterday:

Work Your Weakness:

20 Minutes - every minute on the minute - pick two movements and do 1-5 reps of each ten times - ten sets of one and then ten sets of the other.

Then, 12 minutes as many reps as possible - pick two more movements and do as many of each as possible, alternating between the two.

I hate burpees. CrossFit burpees are worse than what I used to call a burpee, because they essentially incorporate a push-up:

I had been planning ever since the last work your weakness workout that I was going to use the first 20 minutes to do burpees - so a single movement, 5 reps, every minute on the minute - 100 burpees. The coach said that we were supposed to do two different movements, but I explained that I hate burpees, I need the practice, and it would be brutally hard. So, she said to go for it.

As expected, it seemed easy for a little bit. At first, I was doing five reps in 23-25 seconds, but then my time started to drift up. Near the end, it took me 38 seconds to do my reps (18th or 19th set, I think), but I made it through.

Then, as I was gasping on the floor, I remembered that I had to set up for the second half of the workout. For the second half, I alternated 4 Turkish Get-Ups with 10 Abmat sit-ups. I don't know that the sit-ups are a true weakness, but I don't do them that often, and they paired well with the get-ups.

This was one of the toughest CrossFit workouts I've ever done, in terms of just being gassed. I'm not sore today in any way, just tired. Very tired.

Today, I have a follow-up appointment with the orthopedist about my shoulder. It's been 8 weeks now since the hard ski fall that caused the injury, and it's still bothering me. Four weeks ago, I got a cortisone shot and it seemed to help, but the shoulder has gradually gotten worse over the last two weeks. It's still better than a month ago (I couldn't do push-ups or burpees properly a month ago), but not right.

After the appointment, if the weather allows, I'll do a nice easy run for an hour or so, maybe with one or both of the dogs.

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