Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday Workouts plus Bike Commuting

Tuesday at CrossFit:

5 rounds - 90 seconds rest between sets:
These movements must be unbroken
10 Clapping Push-ups
10 Box Jumps 36/30
10 Medball Slams 20/14

5 rounds AQAP:
7 Deadlifts 315/205
21 Double-unders

This was a bit of a change. Rather than doing mobility, followed by strength, followed by the main workout, we did two "mini" workouts back to back.

For the first one, I was still babying my shoulder, so I did the first two rounds as knee push-ups and the last three as regular push-ups. For the box jumps, I can jump 24", but not without resting in a set of 10, so I did 18" instead. And, I did 14# medballs. I don't know if that corresponded to any level, but it's what made sense for me.

In the second workout, I tried to start with 275 pound deadlifts, but halfway through the second set, I knew it was too much weight, and dropped to 225 pounds. Because I can't do double unders (yet - I will get there), I was supposed to do 21 single unders and 7 high knee jumps. It was a fast, intense workout and left me gasping for breath. As I was recovering at the end of the workout, I was thinking that just a few weeks ago, I probably would have thrown up if I'd pushed that hard. I am adapting to the intensity of these workouts.

Yesterday, I took the day off work, but still made it to CrossFit at lunchtime. It seemed like half of our normal 5:45 class was there, which had me wondering if lots of people are working out twice a day. I doubt it, but I know some people do that, at least some of the time.

Last night's workout was more traditional:


Front Squats - 8-5-3-1
Strict Press - 8-5-3-1

On the last set, which was supposed to be a single heavy rep, we were encouraged to push to failure. I managed to get three front squats rather than one, and on the strict presses, I set a PR at 115, and then did two more as push presses.

The main workout for me was as follows:

As many reps as possible in 12 minutes:
6 Knee-ups on the pull-up bar
6/side weighted lunges - 18# kettlebells in each hand
6 jumping pull-ups

This workout was based on your "best" ab movement while hanging on the bar. Some people can take their toes to the bar. Not me. Some can take knees to armpits. Not me. I can do a knee raise, so my knees are parallel in front of me, but that's it. I got through 8 rounds plus 6 reps. I felt like I should have pushed harder - maybe more weight for the lunges.

So, yes, my life remains something like sleep, commute, work, work out, commute, eat dinner, relax (read or TV), repeat.

In just over a week, I'm going to mostly eliminate the commute. I spend too much time each week commuting. I spend way too much on auto costs for the commute. So, I'm going to rent a room somewhat close to where I work and where I work out, and stay there midweek for a few months. I'll ride the commuter bus to the office on Monday mornings, get around by bike until Friday afternoon, staying in my rented room at night, and then ride the commuter bus home on Friday evenings. It will mean less time at home, but my wife and I have decided to give it a shot to save some money, save some time, and see how it goes. I'm guessing that this will help me to improve my fitness, work the hours I need to work, and drop some weight.

Hopefully, my wife will find life easier if I'm doing my own laundry and not making the kitchen dirty all week. She should have more time for exercise as well.

We are both on a 100 on 100 team in August and we are each thinking of a road race in the Mad River Valley in early July. I'm leaning towards the Mad Marathon and my wife is thinking of doing the half marathon.

Time to start training, I guess.

Hopefully, the modified commuting schedule and some weekend runs together will get us ready for these races.

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