Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Short but intense run

After work yesterday, I headed out for a fartlek run. I had no watch, no fixed plans, no fixed route. I just started running. After I felt warmed up, I picked out a landmark and ran hard to it. Then, I would walk for a while, jog for a while, and then run hard again for a while. The only measurement I did was to count to 10 hard reps. I am sure I ran no more than 5 miles, probably less than an hour, but I didn't really care.

I made sure to do some of the reps on level terrain, some on downhill and some on uphill. Some were deliberately longer and others were deliberately short.

What an amazing day at Boston yesterday. All kinds of "records" were set that won't count as world or national records, but "only" as course records. Both the elite men and elite women had great races, and the US had a 4th place male and 2nd place female.

I've run Boston three times, and I don't think the conditions were ever as favorable when I ran as they were yesterday. My first Boston was 20 years ago - a 3:09 in 1991.

Twenty years ago?

Suddenly, I feel really old.

CrossFit tonight.

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Harriet said...

Obviously I've never approached 3:09 (though I did do a 1:34 half marathon...once) but I ran 3:33...THIRTY ONE years ago. :-)