Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easing back into it

I am vertical today and in my office. I'm going to go to CrossFit in a couple hours. But, I'm not going to do the Rx'd workout, and probably not even level 1. I'll probably lallygag my way through level 2 - just to ease myself back into the workout.

My road bike is in the bike shop right now. I will get it back early next week. Given the time and cost of my commute, my wife and I have been discussing me renting a room close to the office, and bike commuting around town during the week, and then riding a commuter bus home for the weekends and back for the work week. I think we would end up saving money, even with the cost of renting a room. We would certainly save wear and tear on the cars. We would save me a lot of commuting time, or my commuting time would be on a bike, not in a car.

I would give up some time with my family for a while, which is not my first choice. But, if we do it, it will be an experiment that we can quit whenever we decide it's not working.

Back to work...

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