Friday, April 15, 2011

Just another CrossFit Thursday

Let's see. What hurt yesterday at this time from my Wednesday workout? My shoulders - all over. My biceps. My calves. My lower back (not injured, but sore muscles). My abs a little bit. My hamstrings.

But, after six days off, and doing heavy deadlifts, I expected to be sore. I worked a long-ish day yesterday, getting to the office before 7:00 and leaving after 5:00, with no break for lunch. Even though I was tired, after a long day, I wanted a good workout.

After our warm-up, we worked on heavy overhead squats. I suck at these for all kinds of reasons - limited shoulder mobility, limited range of motion in ankle dorsiflexion, making it hard to keep my heels on the ground, and just a general lack of strength with a barbell over my head.

Our sets were 5-3-3-2-1-1-1. I only made it to 105 pounds for one of the singles before my overhead strength did me in. My partner, Del, made it to 225 pounds. Del is a beast but I like training with him.

After the squat work, the main workout looked somewhat long:

3 rounds, as quickly as possible:
800 meter run
21 kettlebell swings @ 70#
12 pull-ups

Level 1 dropped the KB swings to 53#. Level 2 dropped the run to 600 meters and the KB weight to 35#.

I settled on a mix of 1 and 2 - 35# is plenty for me for sets of 21 KB swings. But, I can handle 800 meters of running, so I mixed the two levels. I did band-assisted pull-ups.

The running turned out to be the big time factor in this workout, and I have to admit that I didn't run very fast. In the first 800, I felt like my calves were going to cramp from the workout the day before and it took a while for them to get loose. The second and third runs went much better. The KB swings went OK (no rest during the set), but I had to rest on the pull-ups. It was one of those workouts where I knew I would finish last, which is fine, because I finished. The only problem with finishing last is that the whole class is cheering you to the finish, which tends to make me work really hard, which pushes me towards working so hard that I lose my lunch. It was very close last night, but I pretty much held it together. Total time was 20:42.

I'm tired and sore again today, but I'll go to CF after work.

It looks like the weather for the weekend might allow for some comfortable skiing tomorrow, so I'll probably get out for a while. Sunday's weather looks pretty windy and rainy, so I might run or perhaps do a gym workout close to home.

Tonight, on the way home, I will pick up my road bike from its recent tune-up and the installation of a basic bike computer. I was tired of trying to get my Garmin Forerunner to work on the bike as well as for running. It's a good running tool, but I don't really like it for the bike.

That's it. Happy Friday to everyone.


Speed Racer said...

Yes, but did you puke? No? You must not be trying hard enough! ;)

The one thing I can't stand about bike computers is that over long distances they get so inaccurate, no matter how carefully you program them.

Sounds like everything is going well. Good to hear!

Damon said...

I did puke after Friday's workout. I was the last one still going and the coach was in my face about finishing strong. My last two sets were ten burpees and ten pull-ups and I told the coach I was going to puke if I pushed any harder. He basically said to just keep pushing. Seconds after I was done with the workout, I was outside puking in the bushes.