Monday, April 4, 2011

Running on back to back days

After the cortisone injection on Friday, I decided to let my shoulder rest for the weekend. No lifting. And, no skiing, even though the only risk there seemed to be a repeat impact.

I did some work both days this weekend, but I also ran 4 miles each day. The last time I ran on back to back days was last August.

In 2010, I had my lowest mileage for a year since I started running in 1985. Even that partial year in 1985 greatly exceeded my mileage for last year. My mileage in the year I tore my ACL was also a lot more than last year.

I am signed up for a 100 mile, six person relay race in August, so I need to do some running.

On Saturday, I ran an easy 4 on pavement by myself. On Sunday, I ran on a dirt road with my wife and our dogs. Both runs were at an easy effort and I feel pretty good today.

Due to a busy week at work, it looks like I'll do CrossFit the next three days, and then maybe run again on Thursday. It shouldn't take a whole lot of effort to exceed last year's total mileage. Basically, I didn't run much last year because I wasn't having fun with it. After a hamstring injury the previous year and some knee problems last year, running just wasn't fun. Right now, I feel like running again, so I'm hoping to actually get back to running more regularly.

Oh yeah, for the first time in a long time, some of my lawn started to peek through the snowpack yesterday. By the weekend, it looks like most of my lawn will be clear of snow, which should make the dogs very happy. But, ski season isn't over yet and it's snowing outside right now.

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