Monday, April 11, 2011

Not much to report

By Friday afternoon, it was pretty clear that I was sick. I managed to go for groceries with my wife on Friday evening, after her workout, but that was it.

By Saturday morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a car, a truck, and a train. I watched TV most of the day, and worked for part of the day. I managed to cook dinner, watch a movie and then went to bed early. My wife skied all day and then gloated about good the conditions were. I was happy for her, considering how much more often I get to ski compared to her.

Sunday was no better - basically a repeat of Saturday.

This morning wasn't much better either, but I finally got vertical and took a shower. I am now working at a coffee shop and feeling better, but not good. Maybe I'll be ready to go to the office and do a workout by tomorrow.

If I still feel OK at the end of the day today, I'm going to take my bike to the bike shop for its spring tune-up, since that never got done this past weekend.

Regretfully, my children seem to be getting sick now. It seems like a lot of people in our town are afflicted. I want to find Patient Zero, and sarcastically thank that person for the loss of the last few days.

CDC maps currently show that northern New England is "regionally" affected by influenza, which is the second highest standard level, below only "widespread".

My training has been going so well recently that I'm really unhappy with this interruption, to be honest.

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