Thursday, March 25, 2010

A brief lull

I took yesterday as a rest day. I got home at a reasonable time and cooked dinner for my family. I relaxed a bit and just watched some TV (Biggest Loser from Tuesday on the DVR). And then I went to bed early and slept late. I needed all of that.

Today, I released a new version of our software to production. Even though I have the title of Director of Information Technology, after a recent staffing change, I basically am Information Technology. It's amazing to me that in the current economy that we aren't getting many qualified applicants for a high tech job that pays very well by Vermont standards. Here is one response we got yesterday:

"I've designed, implemented and managed all of this at a major leading medical center. Where is the incentive? Salary is not enough. Equity?"

I probably can offer an equity stake in the company, but this just struck me the wrong way. I have no interest in courting someone who came across so arrogantly in an initial contact. Maybe I misread it, but the person didn't even send a resume. I'm not even going to respond.

So, after a rest day yesterday, tonight is a lifting night - 5x5 of the powerlifts. Tomorrow will be very cold, but I'm planning a very easy run of 60-90 minutes after work tomorrow.

My focus on eating "primally" (This phrase comes from The Primal Blueprint, but primal is somewhat like Paleo and somewhat like Evolutionary Fitness and who knows what other "systems" out there) is getting better and better. No grains for a couple days. I'm being really careful about carbs. Last night, I had roasted zucchini with a meat-based "pasta" sauce. This morning was eggs with veggies and cheese. Lunch was a salad with some protein and an olive oil based dressing. Bit by bit, it gets easier to stay away from grains. But, bread and potatoes are probably my two favorite foods, so it's going to be a long battle. And beer is made from grains, isn't it?

Winter is on its way back for the next few days - not much snow, but lots of cold.

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

Just recently heard about Paleo - that sounds pretty cool : )

Ethel, however, won't let me keep mastadon steaks in the freezer. She's funny that way.