Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The doc said I have bronchitis. My breathing doesn't really seem to be compromised much and I haven't had to use any albuterol (I have very mild asthma and take albuterol perhaps once a year) so far. But, my lungs didn't sound so good through the stethoscope, so I'm taking it easy for a few days. I didn't run yesterday and I'm not going to run today.

The doc gave me some antibiotics, but we agreed that I would wait a couple days before I take them. There's no sense taking them if the cause of the bronchitis is viral, so I'm going to wait a few days to see if I'm getting better without the meds.

I'm scheduled for a 2-day ski clinic starting tomorrow, but I may cancel that if I don't feel better. The only problem with canceling is that I'm required to take a clinic this year to keep my certification up to date. So, if I skip this one, I have to pay for another clinic and attend it later this month.

I think my decision on the marathon will wait until Friday. I don't want to do the race if I'm still feeling run down. A couple winters ago, I tried to train hard through a wintertime illness and I ended up being sick for six weeks. I will wrap up my ski instruction for the year on 3/29 and I want to be ready for hard weekend runs every weekend in April. So, I don't want to risk an extended illness if I'm not feeling 100% by Friday.

Unlike some other years, I'm planning to get out of Vermont almost every weekend starting in April so I can run on trails. In past years, it seems like I've run only on the roads through May, and I think I need more early trail work this year.

So, I'll just take the next few days as they come and see how I feel.

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David Ray said...

Rest is good! Get better quick.