Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sore Today

I'm not surprised, based on how I felt after lifting yesterday, but I am really sore today. The worst is my quads, but my lats are sore, my shoulders are sore and my calves are sore.

In my last lifting cycle, I did Bulgarian Split Squats and Step-ups as lunge variations. However, it seems like neither of those lifts hits my quads anything like true lunges with a barbell on my shoulders. My quads are just aching today.

I ran an easy 4 miles outside last night before the rain started. It rained most of the night and a number of schools to the north and east of us were closed or delayed today due to freezing rain. I'm surprised that the ski areas managed to open, especially given the forecasts for mountain winds. Wet, windy, rainy days are not prime time for ski resorts and they lose money by being open.

I worked late at my second job last night and deliberately slept in this morning. This afternoon, it's supposed to be warm and the rain will be gone, so I'm planning to run 60-90 minutes outside after work, depending on how my legs feel and how my lungs feel.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to stay below freezing all day, but high winds today should dry out the road surfaces before the temperatures drop. Hopefully, the roads and the Lake Champlain bike path will be clear for a 2-hour run after work tomorrow.

I'm not ready to hang up my skis, and I'm even going to demo some new skis this coming weekend. But, I'm ready to do my running outside on reasonably dry surfaces, and Vermont's fickle March weather can be challenging for runners. I was surprised to see two women running last night at 6:00 p.m. when I was out for my run. Sometimes, I think I'm the only runner in the tiny town where I live.

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