Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Morning 22 miler

I'm swamped at work right now because I took the morning off to run 22 miles. Plus, I wasn't here yesterday, so people are freaking out about some reports that just about anyone should be able to do.

Anyway, my 22 miler went just fine, despite it being cold and windy this morning. It was close to 20F when I started and during my first 10 mile loop, my bottle of HEED froze up. On the second loop, my bottle didn't freeze, but the temperature never got above freezing.

I was slow, as I expected, but fairly steady on a rolling course. Now I need to get some work done and then get some rest before I teach skiing tomorrow.


Jamie said...

Well done! Just 99 days left.

Laurel said...

It sounds like you are right on track with your training, Damon. Good Job!

David Ray said...

Sounds great! Glad to hear you're recovered and running well.