Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now vs. 2005

In 2005, I got pulled from Western States at mile 93.5, after missing the cut-off. I missed it by a fair amount, but mostly because once I knew I couldn't make it, I really backed off on the big hill to the aid station. My training could have been a lot better in 2005 and yet, I almost finished WS. Of course, despite the high snow levels early in the race, conditions that year were very nice overall, with lower-than-average temperatures. Plus, the easy way around Duncan Canyon was still in use. So, I clearly need to be in better shape this year than I was that year. I also need to avoid running a 50 miler three weeks before WS, which I stupidly did in 2005. Late in the race in 2005, the fatigue of the 50 really caught up to me, causing me to slow dramatically more than I have in any other 100.

I was looking at my training log from 2005 yesterday, to compare where I was at this time that year, to where I am right now. I took a look at 2005 mostly because I know I'm lagging a bit on my training from last year, and I wanted to compare this year to another year I was entered in WS. Maybe I just wanted to make myself feel better about this year's training.

I had a few training issues in 2005. I broke a rib while skiing that year, on 3/12, which cost me some miles in March. I skied about the same number of days that year that I'll end up with this year - 50 or so. I lifted less that year, although I did some Nautilus work that in retrospect didn't do much for me. I cross-trained more that year, using elliptical machines, bikes, and stair climbers.

My first run of 20 or more miles in 2005 came at the DRB50K in mid-April. I've done two runs of 20 or longer already this year and I'll do one more before I run DRB next month.

I had my annual week off of running because I got sick that year, and it happened again this year.

Overall, my training pace is significantly faster this year than it was in 2005. I attribute that to my marathon training last fall and my continued interval work, even though there isn't a lot of it recently.

I was lighter at this point in time in 2005 than I am right now, although my BF% is probably lower right now.

I am obviously 4 years older.

So, what does any of that mean? Probably not too much. I think that there's no way I can even think about sub-24 at WS. I'm just not close to fit enough to consider it. I simply want to finish the race this year, something that's eluded me for so long. And, I want to have fun with my training and racing.

Last night, I ran an easy, uphill 9 miler. Tonight, I'll run a mostly flat 12 miler, although the first mile is all downhill and the last mile all uphill, with 10 flat miles in the middle.


David Ray said...

Best thing is no broken rib this year. That must have stunk. Bad.

Damon said...

Six weeks where I couldn't sleep without painkillers. And, I skied with painkillers in my system. I was worried non-stop while skiing with painkillers in my system, but skiing is what I do.

Then, not long after the rib healed, I had to have some minor surgery that made running in most of May very uncomfortable. 2005 was not my year.