Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strange training week

Between the weather, my jobs, trying to get enough rest when I need it, and a few other things, it's been a strange week so far.

So far, I've lifted on Monday and Wednesday and I ran 10 miles on Tuesday. Today is a planned rest day, which is kind of a good thing for multiple reasons. Between the weather and my long commute, there isn't much extra time today. I was up at 5:30 to snowblow the driveway and my commute took longer than normal due to the weather. And everything outside is snow-covered right now. Plus, the coached eating program has us doing a 24 hour fast right now. I started at 7:00 p.m. last night, and I'll be able to eat a late dinner tonight. So, for today, I guess it's a coached "non-eating" program. Working out hard during a fast would be interesting, but probably not fun.

With a 20 miler tomorrow, I'll be curious to see how that run goes after a day of greatly reduced calories. I took tomorrow morning off work and I'll do my 20 on a treadmill. It will be slow because I haven't gone beyond 15 miles since November, but I think I'll get through it OK. I need at least one 20 miler before my snowshoe marathon in two weeks.

More snow is due later today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, and then after a brief break, overnight Saturday and into Sunday. Skiing should be very nice this weekend if the winds aren't too bad.

If you get a chance, read Andy Jones-Wilkins blog post about WS. There's a link in my blog list on this page. Then, read the other synchro-blog posts as well.

I've never even finished the race, but I've applied enough times, paced enough times, and been there to compete a couple times as well, and it's gotten under my skin as well. I'm hoping that after I (hopefully) finish this year, the itch will be gone and I can focus on something else.

I keep thinking that WS this year will be my last 100. But, I'd kind of like to run Hardrock again. Wasatch too. Ten finishes at VT would be really nice and I only have 3 so far. I have unfinished business at Haliburton and Javelina and Massanutten. Cascade Crest and Superior Trails are very intriguing.

Aand there are some shorter ultras I really want to do, some of them repeats. I want to run Laurel Highlands again. I want to run AR50 again to get my 5th finish. I'd like to do Miwok someday. I haven't done Cool since it was the Cool Canyon Crawl (1994 - paper application). JFK. VT50. Mountain Masochist. The list goes on and on.

There just isn't enough time, money, or ability in my life to do all of those things.


Laurel said...

Reading your post, it seems that Western States will be a far cry from your last 100 miler! You still have 7 more Vermonts to finish as well as all the others on your wish list!

David Ray said...

I'm not reading the WS posts. Not at this time. I'm not ready to get pulled in.

How in the heck do you survive a 24 hour fast? I know you're burning some serious calories. Do you get coffee? I hope so.

Damon said...

Coffee is fine. Any beverages with no calories are fine. But that's it.

Only 4 more hours to go and I can eat. It hasn't been that hard so far, as long as I stay busy.

David Ray said...

Hmmmmm, no new blog yet.

Must still be eating. :)

Damon said...


You posted just about at noon. I just got to work after doing a 20 miler this morning.

After I eat some lunch, I'll post something about fasting for 24 hours and about my boring treadmill run.