Thursday, February 5, 2009

24 hours without a workout?

No workout last night. None this morning. I even got to sleep in a bit today.

I probably would have slept better if I hadn't done my taxes last night. I owe Uncle Sam a bunch of money and I have to figure out where that's going to come from. Last year, I worked at two different salaried jobs, each of them less than 100% of full time. I did some consulting work and paid no taxes (yet) on any of that work. And, my part time ski instruction work contributes to the problem. The mountain takes very little taxes out of my paychecks because I make very little money. But, at the end of the year, the IRS adds that money to the top end of my income, and they think I need to pay more taxes.

At least I'm still employed. Having 3 jobs is better than having no jobs these days, and too many of my friends and family seem to be unemployed at the moment.

It's cold and breezy here in Vermont today. I'm going to do a 2-hour snowshoe run after work and after sunset. With a high temperature near 15F and some breezes, it will be pretty cold running along Lake Champlain tonight. I'm sure there will be sub-zero wind chills for the entire run.


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Speed Racer said...

Man, I never thought about it that way... That stinks! Well I'm glad that you're still managing to make ends meet. Between the cold and the economy, this has been the worst winter! Hang in there, and enjoy the rest!