Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet, sweet powder day

Last night, we got a dusting of snow at our house. The mountain forecast was for 4"-8" overnight. I was tired from my run yesterday, so I didn't hurry to get to the mountain for training this morning. What a mistake.

It turned out that the mountain got 18" of light, fluffy snow overnight. The two-day total was 27". Skiing was as good as it gets on the east coast. In the afternoon, I took my group to the toughest trail on the mountain - a narrow, steep, twisting double black run called Rumble. Every one of the 9 girls made it look easy today. The snow was just amazing. After I was done teaching, I went out skiing with some of my co-workers until the lifts stopped spinning.

Tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., a winter storm warning goes into effect and we are supposed to get 8"-12" at my house. The mountain is forecast to get 12"-18" in this next storm, and 2 feet of snow would not be surprising by Monday afternoon. I'm sure I'll ski tomorrow until they turn off the lifts, and I'm going to try to take a day off work early next week to ski. Monday is supposed to be very windy, so I might go on Tuesday. After this next storm, it might be very difficult to find any ice on the mountain. Just a week ago, the mountain was very icy at spots, but now, everything is turning to soft, sweet snow.


Sunshine Girl said...

Send some our way. I could use some powder turns. A VERY dry year in the Canadian Rockies, but a great winter to be a runner!

Damon said...


I wish I could. I always enjoy when we get stuff like this, and this was our best weekend in at least two seasons, but I feel for my fellow snow enthusiasts who suffer through tough winters. After a string of 3 bad winters here in New England, we've had three good years in a row right now.

A few years ago, I was south of here, thinking of skiing for the weekend at a small hill where I first skied in 1980, and it was so dry that I had to abandon that idea. Instead, I did a beautiful 20 miler on the Appalachian Trail that day, but I would have rather been skiing.

In 2005, at Western States, it would have been great to have skis for most of the first 20 miles. I would have been leading the race for a while at least.