Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to training

I'm still thinking about the skiing on Tuesday. It was just one of those perfect days and I'm sure that people are still enjoying some great skiing. Today is supposed to be warm and it's going to rain a bit tomorrow night, so the weekend won't be nearly as much fun as Tuesday. But, we might get another snowstorm on Sunday night and into Monday, which would be nice. Next week, I'm taking a PSIA clinic at Stowe, something I need to do at least every other year to maintain my ski instructor certification. The clinic is titled "Steeps and Trees", and the more fresh snow we have for extreme terrain, the better. The downside to any storm is that more snow could make the course really slow for the snowshoe marathon on March 7th. Win some, lose some, I guess.

Last night, I got out for an easy 6 miler after work. I averaged about a 9:20 pace and it felt almost effortless. At this time of year, I'm often running closer to a 10mpm pace as I train through the winter, so I was happy with the run.

This morning, I lifted before work and I struggled a bit. I am a bit sore from skiing so hard on Tuesday and while my run went well last night, some of the muscles I needed for lifting were sore and tired. This was my last workout in my current lifting cycle and I'm going to take a short break from lifting right now. With 2 extra ski days next week and the snowshoe marathon, it's a good week to not lift anyway. So, I'll probably start my next lifting cycle in about 12 days or so.

I'll go out for an easy 40 minutes or so tonight after work and then run twice tomorrow before spending the weekend on skis. I have five weekends of teaching left and starting the first weekend of April, I can spend my weekends just running.

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