Monday, February 23, 2009


The storm fizzled out somewhat overnight and we ended up with "only" 10" at our house. The ski mountain reported 18", and they've gotten over 4 feet of snow since last Thursday. My boss has approved a vacation day for tomorrow, so I'll be skiing all day, probably by myself and going hard. When I'm teaching, I don't get to ski nearly as hard as I'd like to ski, so tomorrow should be a lot of fun.


Today is very windy and the last I checked, the mountain had all of their lifts on wind hold. Wind can take powder and pack it into wind slab conditions. Wind slab is no fun to ski, because you never know when you'll break through the slab and when you won't. You have to be careful with how you apply rotary movements in snow like that, because it's easy to twist a knee the wrong way. But, there's so much snow that I'm going to show up and give it a shot tomorrow. The forecast shows the potential for a warm, rainy day later this week, so I need to ski before then.

I'll lift tonight after work - my next to last session in my current lifting cycle. After I finish this cycle on Thursday, I'll take a week off from lifting before I start the next cycle. The timing is good to take a week off, because I have the snowshoe marathon in two weeks anyway.

It's hard to believe that February is almost over already. I have 5 weekends of ski instruction left in the season, and suddenly, it will be April. I have a lot of running to do between now and mid-June if I'm going to be ready for WS.


Jamie said...

Hope the snow conditions turn out okay. Enjoy the day off. Spring is not far behind!

David Ray said...

Gee, everything's blooming down here. Can't imagine all that snow. Take some more pics!