Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I lifted as scheduled last night. Lately, I've been lifting in the morning, mostly because I prefer to lift first on days I'm going to lift and run. But, the gym has reduced hours this week due to the college kids being gone for the week (it's a gym on a college campus), so I had to lift in the evening.

Last night was 5x5s, so I was lifting higher weights than my last few workouts. I was very happy with the amount of weight I was moving last night and with how strong I felt. This makes me wonder if I'd do better in the gym if I lifted in the evenings instead of mornings.

However, as soon as daylight savings time arrives, I'll have enough time to run for 2 or more hours after work on weekdays, so I'm sure I'll go back to morning lifting. But, it was interesting to note the change in how strong I felt by lifting at a different time of day.

This morning, I was able to run on the dirt road where I live. It's been too icy to run for weeks, but recent longer, warmer days have finally melted most of the ice on the road. I usually do a hilly 4 miler on this road and that's what I did this morning. I wasn't fast, but I felt strong on the steepest, longest hill and ran all of it, rather than walking like I often do.

Tonight, I'll do an easy hour of road running after work. Starting tomorrow evening, the roads will get messy again as a storm system moves in. I'm guessing my 20 miler on Friday will be done on a treadmill. Looking ahead, it appears that we'll have a thaw around the middle of next week, so the roads might become runnable fairly quickly. Hopefully we won't have so much of a thaw that there's no snow for the snowshoe marathon on 3/7.

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