Friday, February 27, 2009

The "R" word

We're at that time of year when many Vermonters are starting to grumble about the snow. The sap runs should start pretty soon, so the syrup producers are getting ready to fire up their operations.

A few days ago, we passed the point where the average daily high temperature is above the freezing mark.

And yet, March can be a very snowy month. For skiers, the warmer temperatures aren't all bad. Spring skiing is some of the most fun skiing of the year. But, powder skiing is better and we want that as long as possible.

Today's forecast is calling for highs near 50F with rain (the "R" word) and lots of wind. The amazing skiing of the past few days is going to be destroyed in just a few hours. Then, it's going to get cold tonight and we'll have two days to ski on ice, I'm afraid.

Two days ago, the forecast showed a major snowstorm headed our way for Sunday night and Monday, but it now appears that storm will hit NH and ME, but not VT. My clinic next week might be no fun at all. We'll have to see what this storm does to the course for the snowshoe marathon. I'm guessing that the ground will get exposed in some lower elevation areas by the warmth and the rain.

I ran an easy 4 last night. Tonight, I'll do intervals on the treadmill. Nothing too exciting. I'm more focused on the weather for skiing right now.


David Ray said...

It's all about the weather. Getting out in it every day certainly changes my focus from a casual interest to more serious study. We've got the "r" word, in a big way, going on down here.

Speed Racer said...

Don't remind me! The worst is when it can't make up its mind whether to be warm or cold. March draaaaaaaaaags on.

Hey, thanks for your advice the other day. I always take what you have to tell me to heart (even if your advice is not to listen to a word you say).

Anyway, I'm glad SOMEONE's enjoying it, now that the crap weather is back.

David Ray said...

Damon, today all this white stuff fell out of the sky. It was real cold. What should we do?

Damon said...



Either that, or it's a sign of the end times.

I heard that snow made it pretty far south and the weather really messed up the Mt. Mitchell race in NC yesterday. That race is on my "must do" for someday, but they keep holding it during ski season.