Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday weight workout

I started with squats and deadlifts last night. I alternated between them, including my warm-up lifts. The last few weeks, my main sets have been 2x6 of each lift, supersetted, with 165# for squats and 205# for deads. For real lifters, I know these numbers are a joke, but that's where I am. Because this was my last leg day in the gym for a while, and my last leg day ever at my current gym, I wanted to add some weight to these lifts.

(Friday is my current gym's last day in business, so I have to move from a serious "lifter's" gym to a shiny new college gym with TVs in the cardio gear, lots of machines, and not nearly enough space for free weight work. Plus, it's full of college students a lot of the time. As long as I keep lifting in the morning, when college students are still hung over, the crowds shouldn't be too bad.)

I did my warm-up sets, gradually adding weight, and decided to go to 185 for squats and 225 for deads. All four sets went well, which was encouraging, given that I'm only doing these lifts once a week right now.

From there, I moved on to Romanian deadlifts, core exercises, step-ups, kettlebell swings, push-ups and pull-ups. I was done in less than an hour and home cooking dinner before my wife got home from the "other" gym.

Today is the beginning of a few days of winter weather here in VT. It's going to start raining this afternoon and then turn to accumulating snow overnight. We aren't going to get as much snow as upstate NY, but the ski areas will get hit pretty hard. The mountain plans to start making snow as early as Saturday, so it will be nice if they have some natural snow on the ground when the guns get started. Tomorrow morning, we'll have snow on the roads and the storm will continue through Wednesday night. I'm getting my snow tires put on my car today, so the timing is perfect. I should be able to run outside after work today, but it will be wet.

Today's workout is 8 miles with 4 at marathon pace. Hopefully I will be able to run outside tomorrow as well. I'm just not ready to transition to treadmill running yet.

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David Ray said...

Treadmills. Ugh.

But I guess that's the price to pay for skiing.