Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday workout

Weights this morning:

Squats: 2x6
Deadlifts: 2x6
DB Romanian deadlifts: 6x12
Various core exercises: 6x12
Step-ups: 4x12
Kettlebell swings: 4x12

I'm keeping the reps low for squats and deadlifts these days, trying to do just enough so that I don't lose any (or much) strength, but not enough to make me sore or leave me too tired for my running workouts. After my marathon and some recovery, I'll start working harder on those two lifts. I am trying to keep the weight fairly high (for me), since I'm doing so few reps.

Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be beautiful and warm, so I'm going to do my Yasso 800s in the afternoon rather than the morning. The days are so short right now that I don't really have time for a long workout before work, and it's tough to run long after work. I think I'll come in early tomorrow and then leave early to do the workout. If I leave early enough, I might even have enough time to drive to a track for the workout, rather than doing it on the roads. I'll have to check the soccer schedule for the local high schools, to see which tracks might be open for use.

Tonight, I'm going to do an easy run or hike with the dogs.

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