Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday night run, Friday morning lifting

I ran an easy 9 miler last night, the first 4 with my friend Tania at about a 9:05 pace, and then 5 more solo miles. The first 4 of those 5 solo miles were at about that same pace, and then the last mile was all uphill and a bit slower. Considering the speedwork I did on Wednesday, I felt pretty good. The previous week, on Thursday's run, I felt a lot more tired than I did yesterday.

I stayed up too late last night watching the VP debate, and got moving kind of late this morning. Normally, I could just do my scheduled workout and be a little late for work, but I needed to be on time today, so I could leave on time to see my son's soccer game. So, I did my lifting this morning, but skipped the stair climber intervals. This morning's lifting was primarily upper body - DB incline presses, 3 point DB rows, Swiss ball push-ups/jackknifes, static lunges, cable rows, DB squat presses, and close grip lat pulldowns.

Tomorrow morning, I'll do a very easy 8 miler on a course from my house. I've mostly been running less hilly courses recently, because my marathon will be on a flat course, but I'll run a hilly course tomorrow, at a very easy pace. The only goal tomorrow is to spend some time on my feet so I'll be a bit tired for Sunday's half marathon. I deliberately want to run the race a bit tired, so that pushing in that run will simulate the later miles of a marathon a bit.

Fitness-wise, I think I could run about 1:35 if I tapered and raced all out. But, my target time is 1:39. I want to start with an 8-minute mile, and then drop to 7:30s for the rest of the race. I'm curious if I can hold that pace the whole way.

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