Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bonus weight training

As planned, I went home from work last night and started stacking firewood. It took almost 3 hours for 4 of us to get the wood stacked for the winter. Everyone in the house was sore this morning, including my 10 year old daughter. Her biggest complaint was that her fingers were sore. Picking up logs by their ends is an amazing workout for the hand and fingers. I spent the entire time filling up wheelbarrows full of wood and transporting them into the garage, where everyone else stacked what I delivered. Essentially, I picked up nearly every piece of wood that we stacked. I'm tired but not sore today.

My biggest concern is a hot spot in my left foot. It feels like I bruised it somehow, but I think it will be fine for my run home this evening.

By the time I start running after work today, we might be seeing some wet snowflakes falling from the sky. By tomorrow morning, there will be snow on the ground. The following two nights are supposed to be pretty cold, so any snow that falls will stick around, probably until Sunday or so, when it's going to warm up and be rainy.

I'm scheduled to get my new snow tires on Tuesday, so my car will be unusable tomorrow morning. Even though it's an all-wheel drive Subaru, in the summer, I drive with soft rubber tires that are designed for high performance in warm temperatures. In snow, those tires are worthless.

I've thought about coming into work late tomorrow, so I could hike the ski mountain and take a few early season turns. But, with the marathon getting close, I'm paranoid about doing anything different that could mess up all the work I've done recently.

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David Ray said...

Time for me to light the pilots in our gas logs. :)