Monday, May 5, 2008

Rest Days are Dangerous

Yesterday was a rainy, ugly kind of day. I was tired. My wife wanted to go clothes shopping. I had nothing better to do, so I went along. Then, I got bored and my son and I wandered off to look at TVs. Somehow, after getting my wife's permission, I bought an HDTV yesterday. It would certainly have been cheaper to go running instead.

But, watching a movie in HD last night looked pretty good. Because it's a 1080p set, now I'm probably going to need a BluRay DVD player too. When college football season rolls around, I hope I'm not tempted to get a satellite dish so I can watch Penn State lose in HD.

I'm pretty sore this morning from Saturday's run. It kind of surprised me, given how my quads responded to my two previous hilly runs. But, these downhills were long and continuous, and I did 2000' more vertical than I had done 2 weeks ago. I'll spend some time tonight massaging the quads with my foam roller.

I skipped lifting this morning, and I'll lift on Tuesday and Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday this week. I'll do an easy 4-5 miles with the dogs tonight, and then I'll try to get to 30-35 miles for the work-week. On the weekend, I'm planning a 10 and a 24. Then, I'll rest a bit next week before my pacing duties at Massanutten the following weekend.

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David Ray said...

Better living through television.

HD can suck you in. American Idol looks real good in HD. Joke, that's a joke.

Congrats on the new purchase.