Thursday, May 29, 2008

Intervals and Weights

Last night, I did my interval workout on the way home. I did 6 x 2 minute repeats, with 2 minutes of recovery. Then, the last 5km the rest of the way home were all uphill and I simply cruised through those miles.

This morning, I did weights and stair climber intervals before work. Tonight, I'll do a very easy 4 mile jog along Lake Champlain.

Tomorrow morning, some short running intervals, and then a long run in the rain on Saturday.

Saturday's run will be 24 miles - my 14th run of 20 to 31 miles so far this year. In 2004, I had done 16 runs of 20 or more miles at this point in the year, but the 14 this year is my second most (to this date) ever. The run on Saturday will be my last day of 20 or more miles until Western States.

Oh yeah, my bib number for WS is 263. We leave for CA in just over 3 weeks.

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