Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Massanutten 100 miler pacing

I hit 800 miles for the year yesterday. I should arrive at WS with close to 1000 for the year. That's the minimum amount I like to have done in the 6 months before a 100, but I've run reasonably well with fewer miles than that. But, I've only done well with fewer miles on easier courses, particularly the Vermont 100. There's no such thing as an easy 100, but Vermont is easier than most of the 100s in the western US.

Last year, I did about 925 miles in the 6 months before my PR at VT100. The year before, I ran about 825 in the six months before VT100. In 2005, I was under 800 miles for the 6-months before WS100, and I DNFd. For Hardrock in 2004, I ran almost 1500 miles in the 6 months before the race. I'm still not sure how I found the time to pull that off, but I needed every one of those miles to get through the race that year. I also ran Hardrock at my lightest weight ever for a 100.

So, this year, I'll run WS100 at my second-lightest ever weight for a 100. I will likely be at my lowest body fat percentage ever for a 100, although I don't have the data to confirm that. I'll have fewer miles than before Hardrock or Wasatch, but more than before any other 100.

This weekend, it's on to Massanutten. I will be crewing and pacing, and it now looks like I may go as far as 52 miles overnight Saturday and into Sunday. I thought I'd be doing 30-35 miles, but it looks like that might change. So, I backed off on weights this morning and I'm going to skip my tempo work tonight. I'll still do an easy run tonight, but no tempo. Tomorrow, I'll run an easy 3 before traveling on Friday.

Sunday afternoon sometime, my buddy Joe will cross the finish line for his first 100 mile finish, on a brutally tough course. I am really looking forward to being there when that happens.

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