Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to Training

I'm taking this week off from lifting, sort of. I'm going to do a bodyweight workout on Friday morning, but no iron. Last night, I did an easy 4 miler to stretch out my legs after my pacing and traveling over the weekend. My legs were a bit tight, but the run went just fine. This morning, I ran for an hour and I'll do another hour tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll do some tempo work. But, the crux of this week and perhaps the crux of my WS training, will be this weekend. I'm entered in a 50K on Sunday. Because I didn't do the 50+ miles I was hoping to pace last weekend, I need more miles this weekend. So, I'm going to run an easy 20 on Saturday before racing on Sunday. A 50 mile weekend 5 weeks from WS seems just about right. The following weekend, I think I'm going to do a 24 miler on the VT100 course.

From there, I'll do two weeks of reduced mileage, but with speedwork 2x per week. My weightlifting will also change, moving to higher reps and lower weights for the last few weeks before the race.

I'm still a bit sleepy from this past weekend. When I thought about it, I didn't really get a decent night of sleep from Thursday night through Monday night. Last night was marginally better. Adequate sleep is something I need to work on in the next couple days and the coming weeks.

Also, tonight, I'll spend some time in the sauna to get used to the feeling of heat. I wish I could be in CA to train in the heat right now, but I'm not. So, I'll make do with the sauna instead.

Today is May 21st. On June 21st, I board a plane for CA. The race is coming, ready or not.

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thronedoggie said...

You know, you could always come and stay at my house for a few weeks to train. That should help : )