Friday, April 27, 2012

Sick all week - nothing else to say

I've been flat on my back sick for almost a week now.  Last Saturday morning, I woke up feeling somewhat sick.  But, I thought I was just tired (not much sleep the past few nights) and I was getting up early.  I went fishing for a couple hours.  I took my son to a local independent record store to "celebrate" Record Store Day. We each bought some new vinyl.  I went home and my son went to work.

I wanted to do a quick running interval workout.  I didn't really feel up to it though.  However, with rain on the way, I forced myself out for the workout.  And, ten minutes after I'd done the workout, I realized I felt so bad because I was getting sick.

I was horizontal for the rest of the weekend and took Monday as a sick day.  I worked a little bit on Tuesday, but it wasn't much fun..

On Wednesday, my wife made me go to the doctor.  Despite my best efforts to stay hydrated, my weight was down 7.5 pounds from a doctor visit two weeks ago.  They did some lab tests, but no answers so far.

On Thursday, I was finally able to eat again.

Today, I'm vertical but still far from 100%.

Hopefully, resting through the weekend will be enough to get rid of whatever this is.  I haven't been this sick in a long time.

And, I haven't done a workout since last Saturday.  I hate missing a whole week of workouts unless it's a planned rest week, which this wasn't.

Oh well, take care of the body first.  There was no way I could do a workout this week anyway.