Friday, April 20, 2012

That was different

CrossFit last night was quite different than most of our workouts.

All workouts start with about 10-15 minutes of warming up, foam rolling, easy movements relevant to the workout, etc.

Then, we either lift followed by a shorter workout. Or, we do a longer workout.

But, last night was completely different:

8 minutes, as many reps as possible:
10 burpees
15 push presses
20 pull-ups

Then, rest 5 minutes.

Then, in a 5 minute window, do the heaviest set of five deadlifts that you can manage.

Rest five minutes.

Run a mile as fast as you can.

In the first portion, I didn't get much past 2 rounds - just 5 burpees into the third.

For the deadlift, I knew I could do 315 or higher if I was fresh, but we'd already done some hard work. So, I pulled 275, which I knew I could do, rested almost 3 minutes, and then pulled 315. I probably could have done 335 if I'd tried it, but maybe not.

At this point, everyone realized that the heavy deads were going to affect our running. My run was truly pathetic at 9:40 for a single mile. But, I got through it and I wasn't last.

I'm a little beat up from the past three days, and we are about to have a very rainy weekend, it seems, so I haven't yet decided when or what workout I'll do next. I do want to do some fishing this weekend as well. I still haven't landed that first trout of the season.

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