Thursday, January 12, 2012

Strict Press PR

In December of 2010, I did a strict press of 125 pounds. Coming from a running and skiing and hiking background, ever since I started lifting for real, my leg-dominant lifts have been much better than arm-dominant lifts. I still haven't cracked 200 pounds for the bench press and my strict (or military) press has been slow to improve.

Late in last year's ski season, I also hurt my rotator cuff, which set me back a bit in shoulder strength. In mid-September of last year, I managed to set a new PR at 127.5 pounds. And last night, I got to 130 pounds. That's an improvement of about 4% over 13 months. Yes, I'm old and I'm still setting PRs in the gym, so I should be happy about that. And, I think I am ready to lift more on this lift - I did too many warm-ups lifts at higher weights yesterday.

So, I've got a PR and I'm happy.

It's snowing, so I'm even more happy.

It's supposed to keep snowing in the mountains right through tomorrow. I'm practically ecstatic.

I'm feeling remarkably good right now. My rib is mostly healed, although certain workouts can irritate it a bit. In the first 11 days of the current year, I skied 3 times, rowed 2, and went to CF 5 times, with only one rest day. And, surprisingly, I don't feel beat up at the moment.

I'll go to CF tonight, but with lots of snow for the weekend, I may take a rest day tomorrow so I'm fresh for skiing hard this weekend.

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